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1. LAKEY PEAK [9d 8n] - aud$600 ‘ALL INCLUDED’

The Surf
Predominantly known for the left Lakey Peak is just that , a peak that hits the reef & fires off both left & right offering quality waves for both regular & goofy footers.

Consistency: 6to 9
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: medium

Is a fast left hand tube that breaks extremely quickly on the take off then pitches out offering a tube with a well respected lip that packs some punch .
Consistency: 4to 7
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: medium to high

A right hander found about 20mins walk from the main camp at HUU offering long walls & rewarding tube rides with an inside section that invites you to safely exit the barrel providing you are able to negotiate the bend in the wave face as it contorts to follow the edge of the reef as it heads toward the beach.

Consistency: 6to 9
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: medium to high

A spot that is good on both small & LAREG swells with a number of different sections linking up on the bigger days to give you the longest ride in the HUU bay.Located relatively close to the camps allowing it to be checked from your front door this is a wave that is definitely worth another look .
Consistency: 6to 10
Difficulty: easy to medium
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: medium

Walk & you will discover
Consistency: ? to ?
Difficulty: ?
Danger factor: ?
Barrel factor: ?

Getting There
SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe can make all of the arrangements to have you fly down or better still why not jump on the fast ferry , ensure the arrival of your boards & save some cash as well.We will have you met in Sumbawa by our representatives & driven to your chosen accommodation at HUU where you can enjoy living 50mtrs from the high tide mark watching the peak break directly in front of you.

Gear: This is a remote tropical location where long surf sessions and coral reef walks are part of the deal. You should be fully prepared for sun exposure, small cuts and scrapes, muscle aches and tweaks and minor dings and fractures in your quiver. You should also take protection against insects. The water is warm and wetsuits are not necessary, but you might choose to take a lightweight, short-sleeve suit for reef protection.

1) Powerful sunscreen, anti-UV rash vest, sunburn relief gel, cap or helmet (optional)
Rreef walkers/hard-soled wetsuit boots, plus a carry pack to stash them in once you're across the reef and in the surf
3) Easy-to-use ding repair kit with UV-curing resin
4) Small medical kit including antibacterial wash (Betadine), antibacterial powder, minor protective bandaging, painkiller and anti-inflammatory effective tropical insect repellent
5) Small flashlight all the wax and wax combs you need, plus a couple extra for dumb friends who forget them

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