The Location
Nihiwatu is a small and exclusive hideaway resort on Sumba Island for those who seek excitement with absolute privacy. Couples, singles and small groups have a wide range of activities to choose from in a pristine and peaceful setting. The fishing, surfing and diving are sensational. The tribal culture, with its ancient rituals, has been internationally documented. It is all here in this one very special place.

The Island of Sumba is 400 kilometers east of Bali and lies directly south of Komodo and Flores Islands. Nihiwatu is located on a beautiful secluded bay on the remote southwestern coast of the island. The resort property is 438 acres of tropical forest and rice terraces, surrounding one of the world' s best beaches.
Tucked amongst the trees of this remote island are just six luxury bungalows and two villas that offer complete solitude and comfort, together with everything one needs in an idyllic tropical setting. At Nihiwatu your sanctuary is superbly outfitted in contemporary Indonesian style using local materials, traditional art and thatched roofs, with air-conditioning and large sliding glass doors. The bungalows and villas, hand-built by Indonesian craftsman, have balcony vistas stretching the full length of the beach, the sea and the headlands beyond. Nearby there are open living and dining rooms, a cliff-top bar and a communications center for those who need to stay in touch with the outside world. We also have massage and body treatments available at our Jungle Spa to rejuvenate the body and soul. At Nihiwatu we take pride in providing memorable dining and personalized service, and ensuring that every guest's wishes are fulfilled.

The Surf
"NIHIWATU" or the best known wave in Sumba has been featured in a couple of Billabong movies being surfed by Occy. Often called "Occy's Left" or "God's Left" it is one of the very best uncrowded waves in Indonesia, but is strictly restricted to resort guests only. [text courtesy of Indo Surf & Lingo]

Consistency: 7/10
Difficulty: medium to high
Danger factor: medium to high
Barrel factor: high

Getting There
Access is via direct flights from Bali with vehicle transfer to the resort. The overall journey takes approximately four to five hours.

We recommend that you take at least three surfboards, one in the normal hotdog range, two in the "good-wave" 6'8" to 7'2" range. And a couple of extra leashes.

Gear: This is a remote tropical location where long surf sessions and coral reef walks are part of the deal. You should be fully prepared for sun exposure, small cuts and scrapes, muscle aches and tweaks and minor dings and fractures in your quiver. You should also take protection against insects. The water is warm and wetsuits are not necessary, but you might choose to take a lightweight, short-sleeve suit for reef protection.

1) Powerful sunscreen, anti-UV rash vest, sunburn relief gel, cap or helmet (optional)
Rreef walkers/hard-soled wetsuit boots, plus a carry pack to stash them in once you're across the reef and in the surf
3) Easy-to-use ding repair kit with UV-curing resin
4) Small medical kit including antibacterial wash (Betadine), antibacterial powder, minor protective bandaging, painkiller and anti-inflammatory effective tropical insect repellent
5) Small flashlight all the wax and wax combs you need, plus a couple extra for dumb friends who forget them

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