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SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe have assembled a fleet of surf charter boats giving YOU the opportunity to TRaVEL in comfort with competent crew, reliable vessels & experienced surf guides*.

The selection offered by SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe caters for various budgets, required standards & covers all that Indonesia has to offer (that is presently advertised).

Whether you wish to SUrF the;

Undisputed playground of THE MENTAWAIS.
Select a vessel from the options on our MENTAWAIS page by clicking above & be amongst the action on a budget that suits your pocket.

The ever challenging WEST JAVA - ONE PALM.
A yacht that will have you anchored at the mouth of the mechanical lefts of ONE PALM or the backdoor sections of APOCOLYPSE wow.Come & discover what PANAITAN ISLAND has on offer.

SUrF waters that are "NEW" on the scene for surf charter operators & be amongst the first to explore these empty lineups in the NORTHERN reaches of SUMATRA.

Always pleasing BALI , LOMBOK & SUMBAWA region.
Perhaps rated as one of the classic SUrF charters due to the number of waves ,the affordability & the beauty of slapping it smack in the middle of your TRaVeL plans to BALI make this charter our best crowd pleaser & one most first time adventurers seek out.

Explore beautiful EAST NUSA TENGGARA
"INDO JIWA" - translated means "SOUL OF INDONESIA" & that is where you are headed on this voyage of discovery! Options that allow you to start your journey from the Eastern Regions of EAST NUSA TENGGARA mean that you will have a full 14 days of discovery with mixes of culture, climate & copious supplies of empty lineups to feed the appetite of the adventurer.

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