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1. INDO JIWA j- Mentawais to North Sumatra
2. INDO JIWA k- North Sumatra to Mentawais
3. INDO JIWA l- Mentawais to North Sumatra
4. INDO JIWA m- North Sumatra to Padang

SUrF waters that are "NEW" on the scene for surf charter operators & be amongst the first to explore these empty lineups in the NORTHERN reaches of SUMATRA.

The Surf
Consistency: 5 to 10
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: medium to high

Gear: This is a remote tropical location where long surf sessions and coral reef walks are part of the deal. You should be fully prepared for sun exposure, small cuts and scrapes, muscle aches and tweaks and minor dings and fractures in your quiver. You should also take protection against insects. The water is warm and wetsuits are not necessary, but you might choose to take a lightweight, short-sleeve suit for reef protection.

1) Powerful sunscreen, anti-UV rash vest, sunburn relief gel, cap or helmet (optional)
Rreef walkers/hard-soled wetsuit boots, plus a carry pack to stash them in once you're across the reef and in the surf
3) Easy-to-use ding repair kit with UV-curing resin
4) Small medical kit including antibacterial wash (Betadine), antibacterial powder, minor protective bandaging, painkiller and anti-inflammatory effective tropical insect repellent
5) Small flashlight all the wax and wax combs you need, plus a couple extra for dumb friends who forget them

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