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3. INDO JIWA [6n 7d]a
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7. INDO JIWA g- Nusa Tengarra Westbound extended

Perhaps rated as one of the classic SUrF charters due to the number of waves, the affordability & the beauty of slapping it smack in the middle of your TRaVeL plans to BALI make this charter our best crowd pleaser & one most first time adventurers seek out.

SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe offers you a select few boats that operate the Lombok & Sumbawa charter region providing a chance for you to surf some world class waves along dramatic coastlines & within unspoiled bays !...

The boats on offer are what we believe to be the best value for money & service available for the particular option chosen ...

SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe create charters that suit budgets & make memories not nightmares , so be sure to consider all options when making your charter decision & enjoy "A WEEK OF WAVES "or more if you desire..

The Location
The Islands of Lombok & Sumbawa are to the South East of Bali & are home to some incredible set ups , with Desert Point being rated by some as the worlds best Left ..

The Surf
A right hander located on Nusa Lembongan Island offers a peaky take off with a bowl section followed by a wrapping inside that increases with speed as it draws from the reef below.Beware of the large timber stakes used for seaweed farming by the locals that lay just below the water surface on the very inside as they are sharp.This wave actually draws swell in on a rising tide & also be careful of slipping to the inside of the peak on a turning tide as the current is extremely strong dragging around the corner of the Island & the channel is deep so it will bye bye for snapped boards or unfit surfers.

Consistency: 8 to 10
Difficulty: easy to medium
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: medium

Another right hander located on Nusa Lembongan Island that has been given a name for a very good reason.This break is best described as being as round as it is big & if you have ability & balls you will be sure to experience the beauty of an epic Indo barrel & hopefully be spat out to the talk about it later with a few beers.This is a wave that spoils only a few lucky surfers with its full potential when all conditions click to turn on , however on any reasonable swell you should be lucky to score a few that will have you pumped to score it next time when it is on.Low tide is not even worth a thought!!

Consistency: 3 to 5
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor:medium to high
Barrel factor: high

What more can be said about this location on the south western tip of Lombok other than the words of many who claim this wave to be the WORLDS BEST LEFT !! A wave that grows on you as you scream down the line offering tube time to rival anywhere & consequences to match. The end is death so avoid it at all costs & lose the ego & spare the betadine with a pair of booties in case you don't make it out in time.

Consistency: 3 to 5
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor:medium to high
Barrel factor: high

A left located on the south western coastline of Sumbawa offers a sick backdoor section that is preceded by a takeoff which teaches you to paddle a few more times before getting to your feet to ensure you are in to it rather than being left at the top & dreading the bounce.Tide affects this place generally by altering the inside section so try & surf it on a few opposing tides so you can make your own mind up about what conditions Scars really woks best on.

Consistency: 6to 9
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: medium

YO - YO's
Offers two right handers in an open bay that are very different from each other with the first being hard up against the cliff walls & actually having a wedge take off as a result of the swell being deflected from the cliffs , this takeoff will test your speed getting to your feet but offers a fun wall after the initial drop.

Consistency: 8 to 10
Difficulty: easy to medium
Danger factor: low to medium
Barrel factor: low

The second of the waves here is a mellower take off with a long wall ending closer to the beach.The bay is open to swell so is generally a good place to look when the swell is small however when the swell pushes the bay is best left alone & other nearby locations tried.

Does exactly that & will have you pig dogging all the way as you feel your fins scrape across the coral heads below ! This is a tube from start to finish with few options in between , definitely a wave that needs to be checked before taking it on & again don't let your ego fool your common sense cause the only result is a lot of pain.

Consistency: 3 to 6
Difficulty: medium to hard
Danger factor:medium to high
Barrel factor: high

Getting There
SUrF TRaVeL ONLiNe's boat charters make all these waves accessible in one week with no hassles so just kick back on deck & enjoy the waves.
Overland packages are available for those with a little more time so if that is what you would prefer please email us [ [email protected] ] so we can help you out.

When to go
The boat charter season begins in late March & this time of the season offer sfewer crowds & a number of other unmentioned wave options however the weather can be a little wet & some punters prefer to not have to deal with overcast conditions on the odd days.

The season generally finishes in late October due again to shifting winds & varying conditions.

Gear: This is a remote tropical location where long surf sessions and coral reef walks are part of the deal. You should be fully prepared for sun exposure, small cuts and scrapes, muscle aches and tweaks and minor dings and fractures in your quiver. You should also take protection against insects. The water is warm and wetsuits are not necessary, but you might choose to take a lightweight, short-sleeve suit for reef protection.

1) Powerful sunscreen, anti-UV rash vest, sunburn relief gel, cap or helmet (optional)
Rreef walkers/hard-soled wetsuit boots, plus a carry pack to stash them in once you're across the reef and in the surf
3) Easy-to-use ding repair kit with UV-curing resin
4) Small medical kit including antibacterial wash (Betadine), antibacterial powder, minor protective bandaging, painkiller and anti-inflammatory effective tropical insect repellent
5) Small flashlight all the wax and wax combs you need, plus a couple extra for dumb friends who forget them

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