Pulau Pisang (The Island)
You can get a boat here, either charter or public, from Krui harbour. The wave breaks off the eastern tip.

A heavy, jacking right rears up from deep water and wraps around an arc of shallow coral with undiluted energy. Not the longest wave, but the power per square inch is high, with challenging, spit-filled barrels common. The drop is usually a big one but makeable, and the paddle is easy. Mid-High tide best. 4-6ft plus. Advanced.

2 great waves break either side of the beach at Krui.

Krui Lefts: A high quality wave, this left is approachable yet laden with barrel potential. Any tide will work although the low tides expose some reef spikes. It is an intermediate wave, but hold-downs can still be severe. Offshore in southeast winds. Needs solid southwest swell to work.

Krui rights: Off the reef fringed northern point of Krui's long curved beach. Hollow reef point almost guaranteeing a barrel from take-off. A short wave, but not a moment is wasted from start to finish as it barrels right across. All tides are OK, and even low offers a generous covering of water over the reef. Intermediate plus. East southeast winds best. Requires large southwest swell.

Ujung Bocur
AKA SLL (Sumatra's longest left), it's right out the front of Ombak Indah Losmen at Biha.

Quality long point reef in an idyclic setting. Orderly lines focus onto a predictable take-off, and then develop quickly into a barrel. Once you've pulled in, the wall usually tapers evenly and morphs into a fast but workable ride of up to 300 metres. South swell best, with E-SE winds. Low tide is fast and hard-breaking, mid perfect high fun to fat. All levels depending on conditions.

Way Jambu
one of the widest barrels you are ever likely to surf. A pitching take-off over shallow reef is the intro to a barrel of up to 200 metres before final release into a channel. This wave may section and throw up surprises, but it rarely shuts down totally, meaning those who hang on and sight the exit are likely to prevail. Low tide is extremely difficult and risky, although awesome to see, mid tide is perfect. High tide is full but still very high quality on a bigger day…and it is usually bigger than it looks courtesy of a very long paddle-out. 3-12ft, 4-8ft best. Advanced. Dirty beach.

Enggano Island
Enggano island is hard to get to (Some boats go from Bengkulu to its only port of Malakoni) without much except medieval agriculture, wild pigs and buffalo. There is little accommodation in the 5 villages, and the locals just about speak Bahasa Indonesian but certainly no English. It is sorrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, coral reef arcs, and a trio of stunning coral attols although the interior is pretty flat and malarial. Only a very basic track circumnavigates the 30 by 50km island, but this doesn't fully service the south and east shoreline. It certainly isn't well charted territory. Getting waves here requires real commitment, and the ability to tolerate the hardships endured.

Risks include malaria, and the total absence of medical help.

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