Rote has been on the surfer’s map for thirty years, and it’s star wave, Nemberala, an underground cult wave for most of that. Both Rote and Sabu are part of the Timor district, and are serviced by air from Kupang. There are also yacht charters (see section) out of Kupang, that take in Sabu and Rote and surrounding islands. Nemberala itself has a huddle of surfer accommodation, making it a great base for eastern surf adventures, with waves down at Boa and offshore islands. We will feature some “discovered” waves that are the tip of the iceberg in this region.


Dry season (which is very dry in these parts) from April to September, is peak swell season and the name breaks are mostly off-shore. Afternoons can get extremely windy mid seasson. The region has a relatively narrow swell window and prolonged flat spells are possible. There are some fantastic right-handers that are offshore in northwest wet season winds although patience is required to catch them firing.

Hazards - Reef cuts. Lack of medical facilities. Some small-scale theft reported. Remote surf spots beyond medical help. Sabu and surrounds has a lack of food and accommodation.

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Nembrala Surf Camp [8D 7N]

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