Head north out of Kuta through Tabanan, to the T-Junction at Antosari. Take a left down to Soka Beach and you'll rejoin the coast road which bends right to the north-west. On, on, on past Balian about 10km to Pekutatan. Ther's a signed left down to the beach which is about 1.5km off the main road.

Very long,fun left-hand cobblestone and black sand point that delivers its best experiences in the early mornings. Dry season trades are cross-on-shore. Where on, expect long lined up walls that are smash-able and fast. There's a quality inside peak called Pulukan. It's one of the furthest surf-spots from Kuta but still popular as there's plenty of accommodation at the break. Ideal warm-up spot, and rarely very hollow or steep. All levels. Fairly consistent. 3 good river mouths in the area.

If you really have time to spare and feel like wandering, you'll find some nice right beach peaks 1 bay up, and more lined up lefts in the Negara district around Pangambengan and even further towards Candikusema.

It's about a half way between Canggu and Medewi. Head north out of Kuta through Tabanan, to the T-junction at Antosari. Take a left down to Soka Beach and you'll rejoin the coast road which bends right to the north-west. After about 9km you are there; you'll see it down on the left from the bridge.

Consistent, well shaped rivermouth/beach break (with a few cobblestones throw in). Generally gutless although can get hollow, but is more likely line up. If beaches at Kuta are 2ft, it might be 5 up here, but the trade-winds ruin it so get up early. Any tide can work. Crowds variable but rarely bad. All levels unless big. Water gets dirty. Soka Beach itself may be worth a look on the way although it's quality isn't as recognized as Balian. It's a pleasant spot for a re-fuelling at any of the warungs while you check the surf

Canggu & Perenan
Canggu: North from Kuta, through Seminyak and beyond. Just past Kerobokan and through many rice field, via Padang Linjong Village, you'll see signs to 'Canggu Surfing' & 'Echo Beach'. There are 3 access points.

Black lava sand beach with 2 areas to surf, over sand and lava rock. If you ever catch it with nobody out it can be eerie, but that is not likely. Canggu ('Changgoo') is the main escape route from Kuta beach breaks. Best surfed early morning before the trade winds, up to about 6-8ft. Waves tend to peak up out of nowhere here in the black water, and low tide can get sketchy on the inside. Low lying cliffs and steep beach at high are a hazard. Advanced. On moderate swells if Canggu is crowded, you can check the black sand beach-breaks at Brawa (Berawa) a kilometre south.

Pererenan: Right next door to Canggu and often considered part of the same spot. Road ends at Pondok Wisata Losmen right at the break. Quick way is via Kerobokan towards Tanah Lot, but Pererenan Village go left at 'Pantai Pererenan' sign.

Left and right peaks over sand and lava best on higher tides unless small. Both peaks shoulder out into a well defined channel although you can take the 'wrong way' on each depending on tides and size. There's sometimes a bit of a crew here but crowds are well absorbed by the shifting peaks. Afternoon breezes are side-onshore. All levels if small. Advanced when big. Consistent spot pulling more swell than Kuta beach-breaks.

Kuta and Legian beach-breaks

For many, the brown-water-beach-breaks stretching from Kuta Beach up to Seminyak are the first waves they surf in Indonesia. Not an inspiring introduction to Indian Ocean power, but these fairly consistent black sand beach-breaks are a great warm-up and jet-lag reviver, close the action.

Kuta Beach itself, the large strip centred around Jalan Pantai Kuta, can be the worlds worst close-out, especially at low-tide. At best, you can get fast cover-ups, and the up-side is the waves are usually super-hollow, and offshore in the southeast trades. At thewest end of that street, you can jog up and check for the best peak.
Halfway, located level with Poppies Lane 2, often has the best peaks. You'll spot it from almost anywhere because there's always a solid group out there. It gets a bit more wind than spots down the beach but holds better shape thought the tides and is pretty consistent, and usually hollow. If its over 4 feet you will get thunped!
Padma, at the end of the street of the same name, is one of a number of well-frequented sections of beach running north from Kuta to Legian. If you're in a bemo, you might want to check the spots up and down Jalan Raya Kuta and find the best on the day. Body-boarders and a regular crew surf outside the Blue Ocean Hotel at the end of Jalan Putra, and there are plenty of peaksrunning across this area. The whole strip is often very murky, with plastic items floating in the water and washing up on the beach. Best avoided after rains.

Further up towards Seminyak are more low tide peaks, getting more consistent but messy as you head north. Best on morning glass or opportunistic NE winds. Of note is the beach-break called Petitenget, near the Legian Hotel.

Breaks from 1-6ft (more if lucky although often the bigger swells are a suicide mission involving heavy close-outs). Higher tides generally best. Ideal for beginners on most days. Can be used as an indicator for Ulu's and Bukit breaks; if it’s a genuine 4-6 feet here pack your gun and head south: Uluwatu could be 10 feet, Padang may well be breaking, and Green Ball will be too big by far.

Kuta Reef
S end of Kuta Beach at Wana Segara Street. Get a Jukung and politely pay your fare, about 20'000RP each way.

This classy reef left-hander reels for long enough to fit in multiple bottom turns, and can feature very makeable barrels. Needs solid swell to get going (Ulus will usually be several feet bigger), but is the best wave near Kuta. Extremely crowded unless you go very early, and these days that means a dawn raid. Afternoons get wind-blown (cross-off-shore) as it's far from the lee of the land. A few hundred metres south towards the airstrip, but further out to sea, is Middles. Generally less crowded, bigger, but not as barrel-rich, Middles is a straight-forward take-off into a long wall with a few turns possible before the close-out section. Sometimes it lines up further, but riding beyond and inside the reef-line leaves you fully exposed to multiple hold-downs. Below mid is a close-out. For both spots book a ride both ways as it's a 20 minute paddle home. 2-10ft. Intermediates plus.

Airport Lefts
Off the end of the runway. Catch a Jukung from South Kuta unless you are training for an Ionman contest. Superb left-hand reef on the same coral base that was used to anchor the runway. Sections are more fun and bash-able than most Indo breaks. Usually less crowded and bigger than Kuta reef next door, but its still worth going early to get an easier session in before the crowds. A second peak absorbs the numbers. Suffers from strong cross-offshore winds on dry season afternoons.

Airport Rights
On the southern side of the airstrip, Jukungs can be hired from the top end of Jimbaran bay, where there is a large fishing fleet.

Right hand reef break over a double curve of coral reef, that can barrel from start to finish and will be, at very least, extremely sucky. Of all the Kuta area reefs, this one is the shallowest, and the most likely to cut you if you fall. When it's around 3 feet on middle tides, it is a racy open tube all the way across. When it gets bigger, it just breaks on another section of the reef, just as shallow and round, for the most gaping stand-up tubes a man can want. On a 5-6ft day of low-ish mid tides and gentle easterly wind, it can dish out the best barrels of your life, although the exits are not always guaranteed.

Airport rights requires more swell than Lefts or even Kuta Reef if it is to fire; Kuta beach-breaks have to be at least 6 genuine feet. If you catch it on day one of a swell it'll be relatively uncrowded, but once word gets out every natural footer in town will show up looking for a break from surfing back-side. Although a dry season break, it is best early in the day before the winds get onto it; strong southeast trades create heavy cross-chop in the afternoons; it'll still barrel but the bumps can be harsh. 3-12ft plus. Advanced.

Jimbaran Bay
Nestled in between the airport and the beginning of the Bukit Peninsula.

If there's a very big southwest swell out there it can offer beginners waves across the strip at low tide, breaking on sand and getting bigger the further N you go. There is a very rare right reef off the Four seasons at the S end, and 2 left points in coves further round. Both need low tide and huge swell to show, with SE winds off-shore. A bombora right left combo works way off-shore in similar, and might make a good tow-in spot.

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